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Make Your 4th July One to Remember by Being Safe

July is once again upon us, which means that many of us will be thinking - if we haven't already started of our 4th July parties.

Now, like many, we will be thinking about the celebrations due to take place from the family reunions to the amount of food required to the after party fireworks show. And, if, like many, you have everything in place, which means there's not much for you to worry about.

Of course, not everyone is as organized, which tends to equate last minute planning. If this is the case you may find that instead of the usual home celebrations you have you will be heading out this year.

If you find that relates to you then you should consider some safety tips so that you're 4 th of July party is one for you and your family to remember for the right reasons.

1. Know where you're going. An essential part of your evening activities is to know exactly where you will be heading. Will you be going somewhere the whole family is familiar with or someone new? Regardless of where you are heading it is important that you keep a close eye on your children, particularly if they are in a surrounding they are not used to.

2. Keep an eye on your children. At this time of the year it's to be expected that there will be crowds of people. This means that you need to keep a close eye on your children. You can do this by making sure they are in front of you when walking or that you have a hold of their hand. You never know when a slight slip up could see them missing the next, but taking the necessary measures can stop that from happening.

3. Stay in areas that have sufficient lighting. If you are heading to a street party for your 4 th of July celebrations it is important that you stay within areas that have good street lighting. Even though it may seem tempting to take a short cut to the next street, try to avoid this. If your children are heading out with friends for their own celebrations, explain to them the importance of staying in areas that have street lighting, which can help to prevent them becoming a target.

4. Have a plan of action. Before leaving your house make sure that everyone has some money on them to at least make a phone call and that everyone knows the main cell phone numbers to call. This is especially pertinent to young children. If they should get lost it will give you peace of mind to know that they will be able to phone you for you to find them.

It only comes around once a year, but the annual 4th of July celebrations are something that millions of Americans look forward to. Whether you're staying at home with your closest friends and family or heading out, you should make sure that your safety and the safety of

those around you is maintained. Have a safe, but happy celebration this July and one that can be remembered for the right reasons.

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