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Spend Father's Day Learning Self Defense Skills

Now that Mother's Day has passed it's time to think ahead to Father's Day, which if you didn't already know is this month. So, what are you going to buy your dad this year? More socks that you bought last year? Maybe a few t-shirts for him to wear now that the summer months are just around the corner? Or how about his favorite aftershave?

While there is nothing wrong with buying your dad these gifts, why not buy him something different that he wouldn't be expecting. How about something that the whole family can take part in?

These days there seems to be more people turning their attention to learning self defense skills, which is important considering the number of news reports that many of us are hearing or reading about when it comes to people being attacked or victimized.

By learning self defense this Father's Day you will know that you and your dad are learning skills that will stay with you for life. It's also a great time for you to bond as a family and will be great when you need someone to practice your skills on.

Thankfully, finding somewhere to learn self defense is not as hard as it seems as there are many places which offer these classes. You will also find that many of them cater to groups and in most cases the instructors are more than willing to provide private group classes.

This means that if you as a family decide to go together you will have the attention of your instructor who will be able to teach you at your own pace with those that you know and are comfortable around.

Some places to consider that will hold self defense classes are schools, gyms, your local police department and community centers. You first point of call should be your local gym, which typically holds various classes. Schools are another place to consider as they often feature many after school activities. Police departments are known to host classes, but these are usually open to everyone or they only host classes for males and classes for females. That, however, shouldn't stop you from doing some research to find out if and when and what types of classes they may be holding in the near future.

What is so good about this as a Father's Day present is that you and your father will be able to leave the class at the end knowing that they have learnt the basics in self defense. In today's society, instructors are aware that those who attend are generally a busy bunch of people, so making sure that they learn something in the first class is vital.

This means that even if you don't all continue to attend your classes at least you will know basic self defense skills when it comes to protecting yourself. But, then, saying that why

wouldn't you want to continue with something when in the long run it is helping you to be more effective at protecting yourself from harm?

It's also a much better Father's Day present than the usual sock purchase.

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