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Keep Your Little Ones Safe this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, the day in which there were many early Christian martyrs with the name of Valentine.

How many people have actually heard of Valentine of Rome, a priest in Rome who was martyred in AD 269 or Valentine of Terni, a bishop in modern Terni who was martyred in AD 197 under the prosecution of Emperor Aurelian, both of which are just two Christian martyrs honoured on February 14?

Probably not many. And surprisingly, both of which bear no romantic elements, which we know of today. By the time a Saint Valentine was associated with the romantics of the 14th, all links between the aforementioned Valentines were completely lost.

Of course, whether you're interested in the history of Valentine’s Day or not, there will still be millions of people around the world celebrating this annual event; a day that comes around but once a year where people show their love for one another in the form of hearts, flowers and chocolate.

However you celebrate this day there is one thing that should not be forgotten and that's the safety of your children, particularly if they are still young enough not to know the difference between right and wrong.

Families that have young children may find it hard to celebrate this day without worrying about their children, all of which is a natural part of parenting. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways in which you can still enjoy quality time together knowing your children are safe.

Consider these tips:

Leave your children with you parents – What better way than to employ the services of your parents when it comes to your children? After all, aren’t they always asking to see more of their grandchildren? Now seems like a good opportunity to take advantage of this.

Hire a trusted babysitter – If your parents are too far away for them to look after their grandchildren, why not think about hiring a trusted babysitter instead? Knowing that someone is looking after you children who can be relied upon will mean that you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day. Make sure that before you leave they have your contact number for both of your cell phones and they know where you’re going. You may even want to give the number of the restaurant you’re going to as well.

Forego the traditional meal – Why not have a Valentine's Day meal at home instead that you can all enjoy. While having dinner at home may be a regular occurrence, you can make this one different by making food that is shaped into different Valentine's Day symbols such as hearts, cupids and arrows. This way you can all enjoy your time together, while knowing that your children are safe.

Even though Valentine's Day shouldn’t simply be the only day that we show people we love how much we appreciate them, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what has become a popular day in its long history.

While the early Christian martyrs may not be celebrated on this day, make sure you spend your Valentine’s celebrating your love for others.

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